The Most Influencing Coffee Franchise Trademark Indonesia

For the past few years, the coffee franchise business has been massively growing. Thus, the amount of franchises with its trademark is unbearable a lot. Right now, at least 5 biggest coffee franchises win over the trademark Indonesia business scope. Some of them are just a legendary business, some of them use the romantic vibe trademark, some of them have a trademark of owning funny and joyful menu names. What are those coffee franchises?
The Winner in Trademark Indonesia Circle: Coffee Franchise

1. Starbucks

Now, who does not know this massive, enormous coffee franchise? Starbucks, with its trademark green-black color, logo design, and even the benches of the cafe is just really memorable in the public's mind. It is also what makes Starbucks the only famous coffee shop that adopts the color of green and black. The other selling trademark Starbucks has is the name itself, which now most people in Indonesia are referring to as “Sbux”.

2. Kopi Kenangan

Next to Starbucks, we can find the Kopi Kenangan coffee shop almost everywhere. As being teased in the opening, the Kopi Kenangan coffee shop is very well known for its romantic and teasing vibe trademark. It uses romantic words and phrases for its menu, and even putting the symbol of love in all of their products. Making everyone who passes by the products will consciously notice them as, “the Kopi Kenangan merchandise”.

3. Kopi Janji Jiwa

Almost like the previous coffee shop, Janji Jiwa also brings the romantic feeling through its product, but more likely about “promises”. Well, Janji Jiwa itself means “the promises of the soul”. Furthermore, the word “janji” or “promise” has been their trademark. The word “janji” embraces every product of the franchise: mostly on their social media posts, the menu, advertising, merchandise, etc.

4. Kedai Kopi Kulo

Kedai Kopi Kulo is not as huge as the top three coffee franchises, and yet still has the trademark the public loves. Its unique logo design which looks like a person wink. Also, the word “kulo” itself is a Javanese traditional word, meaning “me”. It is also a great trademark especially for people who live in Central Java or East Java, it suits them the best. This is why the Kopi Kulo makes their trademark perfectly, it favors the market.

5. Kopi Soe

Very well known for its trademark “Soe”, the Kopi Soe franchise is more recognizable as a trendy cafe, instead of a coffee shop. The menu itself is more of a sweet drink instead of coffee or various coffee. That being said, even if you are selling more snacks, or flavored beverages instead of an actual coffee, as long as you are putting the word “kopi” or coffee, it will be a selling brand.

Do Smaller Coffee Shop Have Trademarks too?

Yes, they do. But they tend not to legitimately file the trademarks through the formal law due to its cost, and therefore not being able to protect the intellectual property. That is why most small coffee shops are crawling through the economy. They can do nothing when others steal their idea, and financial property without innovation helps nothing but float.

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