Eco-friendly alternatives in shapewear

In the past few years, as a society, we have realized the damage we have consciously or unconsciously done to our planet. One of the industries that generates more contamination is sadly the fashion industry.

As we realize this, the fashion industry is starting to take a new shift towards being more sustainable, as consumers are more aware of the ethical concerns and environmental issues that surround the production of clothing pieces.

In the fashion trend, one of the segments that is growing faster is the best shapewear, which isn’t immune to this trend. These garments were traditionally associated with materials that are synthetic and non-biodegradable.

The good thing is that there are brands that are not only appearing as eco-conscious but the ones that already exist are changing their ways too, revolutionizing the industry while offering their avid consumers eco-friendly alternatives. 

Why are we in need of eco-friendly shapewear solutions? 

It is happening because consumers are looking for solutions to achieve their dream silhouette with tummy shaper, without compromising their comfort and style. The impact on the environment that shapewear has usually relied on the materials that are used, like polyester, nylon, and spandex can’t be overlooked.

These synthetic fabrics are made from petrochemicals which highly contribute to pollution and contamination in general. Making it necessary to look for sustainable options that won’t damage the environment as they do now.

What are the eco-friendly alternatives that brands are using?

Brands are now recognizing that there's a huge need for sustainable options. Eco-friendly materials as well as production methods are now being used. One of these materials is recycled nylon, which is made from post-consumer waste like industrial plastics waste or fishing nets.

Giving a new purpose to these materials reduces the needs for others and diverts waste from not only landfill but also the oceans, where they are creating a lot of damage to marine life.

Another sustainable alternative that is being used to create eco friendly shapewear is organic cotton. This material is grown using eco-friendly and natural farming practices. When brands use it for their shapewear, they are minimizing their environmental footprint and also giving their consumers options that are biodegradable, hypoallergenic and breathable. 

What else are brands doing?

They are not only using eco-friendly materials but are also giving a huge priority to transparent supply chains and ethical production practices. They source materials from certified suppliers. Doing so they are minimizing waste and ensuring fair labor practices. 

When brands adopt this approach, they are promoting social responsibility, and ethical accountability in the shapewear industry but are also reducing their impact on the environment. 

Something else that brands are doing is exploring innovative techniques and technologies. They are now experimenting with 3D knitting, seamless construction, and ergonomic designs instead of using elastic panels or synthetic fabrics. This way they provide performance and comfort without sacrificing their sustainability approach. 

Remember that eco-friendly shapewear is not only about what production methods or materials are used but it’s also about promoting inclusivity and body positivity. When they embrace diverse body types, shapes and sizes they are also challenging narrow beauty standards. 
This approach doesn’t only resonate with the consumers but will along with values of sustainability and social responsibility. Rest assured that there will be a growing demand for sustainable and eco-friendly shapewear. And it won’t only be a niche trend but it will be eventually required in the future of fashion. 

When brands invest in inclusive designs, ethical production practices, and sustainable materials, they are driving a positive change in the industry, making other brands follow them to attract more consumers, but they are reducing their environmental footprint. 

And it’s safe to say that this type of shapewear is a step ahead into a more equitable and sustainable fashion industry where comfort, style, and conscience coexist. 

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