Legendary Premium Danish Butter Cookies

At every moment of Eid, the culture of Indonesian people is serving a variety of dishes on the table so that guests can enjoy.
There are sweet foods, various cookies, colorful candy to heavy food served to guests who come from far away. This is where my introduction to butter cookies began. This is a typical Danish snack made of butter, flour and sugar without using yeast. Even though it is solid, these butter cookies are very crispy.

Lots of butter cookies on the market. It feels almost similar. I have found one of the most delicious butter cookies I have ever tasted. Mama said, reasonable because the price is expensive. We also used to be able to enjoy Premium Danish Butter Cookies because it was given by Mama's boss, after that never again. In fact, it even feels bad with butter cookies on the market.

What's interesting about this Premium Danish Butter Cookies in addition to its taste is its diverse shape. Indeed, in its manufacture, the dough needs to be cooled to make it easier to form in various shapes. There are circles, squares, ovals, small rounded, also square. He said originally the Danish original butter cookies did not use flavorings, but as they were developed were given vanilla and chocolate flavors to make them even more preferred. 

In the Indonesian market, Premium Danish Butter Cookies are relatively rare. Maybe because the price is quite draining a bag while there are still many similar products with almost the same quality. Butter cookies are mostly used as photo accessories, both for decoration in flatlay products and for toy photography. For both of these, the Premium Danish Butter Cookies used are usually smaller. 

Toy photography is actually not a new field in the world of photography. As the name implies, the field of photography which began to develop in recent years focuses on shooting with the main object, namely toys. Any toys, from dolls to action figures. Not just taking pictures, but there is also a story behind it. Can the original story of a toy or story created by the photographer.

The addition of objects in the form of the legendary butter cookies adds nicely to the photos. Just imagine if the hulk was sitting in the garden snacking on butter cookies in the twilight. There is Ariel who is busy sitting on a rock in the middle of the sea while eating butter cookies. Certainly the results are unique and interesting right? Just try it.

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